Monday, December 7, 2009

The Liberty Bell December 5, 2009

Chad and I has some friends down for the weekend. They wanted to go see some sights so on Saturday we decided to go see the Liberty Bell. The weather was terrible and we both forgot our cameras (I used my phone) so the pictures aren't great but it was nice to see some of our famous historical sights and learn some new things.

The Declaration of Independence. (not the real one.)

Nicholas standing in front of the Liberty Bell. He kept asking why it was cracked and why they couldn't just fix it. It was very cute to see it from a 3 year olds perspective.
Chad, Nicholas and Jacob in front of the Liberty Bell.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Setting up the Christmas Tree. November 27, 2009

Today we set up our Christmas Tree. Its a little earlier than we normally do it but I thought since we had my family down we would do it now. We bought a fake tree a few years ago so Chad was setting that up while I got out all of our ornaments. Nicholas put the star on with the help of Chad. Everyone helped put on the ornaments. It was a fun night and the tree looked great. Since then the tree has been abused. All of the ornaments have been put up really high so the kids don't touch them. Thankfully Chad attached it to the wall because I'm sure it would have been knocked over atleast half a dozen times by now. To put it mildly, the boys are very excited for Christmas:)

Chad setting up the tree.
Jake sitting on Papa Rick's lap.
Cathy doing her "I'm to sexy dance"
Hanging ornaments almost as fast as Jake pulling them off.
Putting on the star.

Finishing touches.
The boys loved it!

Our family in front of our tree.

Thanksgiving November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I am so thankful for my husband and my boys. They are the greatest. I am also thankful that my family was able to come down and celebrate the holiday with us. I love you all so much:) What a great day! So much food. Tons of fun. Great memories. Karin and I made shirts for all the guys that said Happy Thanksgiving on them. Then we traced the boys hands and made turkeys out of the handprints. They turned out so cute. I think we may continue that tradition in the future. On the menu today we had: a 20lb turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, carrots and rutabegas (my absolute favorite dish), my dad's stuffing, yams (both regular and candied), butternut squash, Chad's homemade cranberry sauce (plus the can stuff for my Dad and Michelle) and rolls. For dessert we had Cherry pie, Apple pie and a chocolate chip cheesecake. I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff. It was delicious and could not have been a better day! I hope everyone else had a happy holiday as well.

Nicholas and Jacob in their new shirts.
My family getting the table ready for dinner.
Chad in his new shirt.
Chad and Ross. The shirts were meant to be a joke but I think everyone really liked them.
All the guys in the new shirts.

Nicholas trying to sneak a bite!
All of us getting ready to eat.
Jacob and his daddy very excited to finally eat dinner.

The Day Before Thanksgiving November 25, 2009

My other two sisters Michelle and Cathy and Cathy's boyfriend Ross came down today. Here are just a few pictures of everyone. The boys were so excited everyone was here. We had a lot of fun hanging out and watching my dad make the stuffing. That is one of our favorite sides at Thanksgiving dinner. He did a great job. Chad was so great and cut ALL the vegetables up ahead of time so all we had to do was boil and mash them the next day. It was a really fun night.

Jacob texting on Aunt Cathy's phone.
Nicholas with Aunt Shell.
Aunt Karin, Aunt Cathy and her boyfriend Ross.
Nicholas being a ham.
Papa Rick
Jake eating cheese puffs.
My Dad making his stuffing! Yummy!
Debby and Chad prepping for Thanksgiving dinner.