Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carving Pumpkins October 27, 2009

Chad and the boys carved pumpkins the other night. Nicholas had a lot of fun cleaning out the pumpkins and Jake just sat back and watched. They had fun watching Chad cut the faces out. Chad also cut their names into the back of the pumpkins as well. They turned out cute and the kids had fun so it was a good night.

Ward Halloween Party Oct. 23, 2009

We went to our ward Halloween Party last week and had so much fun. The boys were M&M's this year and as you can probably tell I made their costumes. Not the greatest but they don't care. As long as Nicholas was red because that's his favorite color that's all he cared about. They really enjoyed the trunk or treat part. Chad ended up making balloon animals for kids which I didn't even know he could do. Everyone was really impressed. It was a fun night.

The only picture of them together in their costumes.
After he ate this he was literally running around the gym like a crazy person. It was funny.
So tired.
He enjoyed the cotton candy too.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Apple Picking October 13, 2009

We finally got around to going apple picking. We found this really great place about 20 minutes from here. First we went to pick out a pumpkin for each of the boys. We let them pick their own. I figured Nicholas would get the biggest pumpkin he could see but I think he wanted to pick it up and carry it himself. Both pumpkins are on the small side but I am fine with that. Then we went into the store they have there and got some apple cider and apple cider donoughts. I think that was the first time either of my kids have had those. They LOVED them. Then it was off to the apple orchard. We were hoping to get a large variety of apples but when we got arrived the saleperson told us there were only 2 kinds of apples. Staymen and Red delicious. I was a little disappointed but I guess we just have to make sure we go earlier next year. The kids had a great time walking through the orchard and picking apples. Jake even got into it. We even found a little catepiller that Nicholas held for a minute. It was a really fun day. We ended up getting a TON of apples. So far we have dried some, make 2 apple crisp and 2 apple pies. Plus the kids eat at least one everyday. Now we just have to carve the pumpkins.

Jake and Chad with Jake's pumpkin.
Jake browsing around.
Nicholas with his pumpkin. He had a hard time deciding.
That's the one.
This picture is so cute. He loved the pumpkin patch.
At the apple orchard.
Jake pointing to the apples.
I love this one!! Jake would find them and Nicholas would pick them.
He picked a couple himself.

Nicholas was a pro.

The catepillar that Chad found.

Nicholas holding him.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Animal Kingdom. October 6, 2009

On Tuesday we went to Animal Kingdom. The kids were really excited to see all the animals. We had a lot of fun. We saw "The Tree of Life" and we met Chip and Dale. Lots of animals carved into the trees and rocks which was pretty cool. We also got to see a 3D movie featuring the characters of "A Bugs Life." The 3D movies were awesome. We saw a few others and Nicholas would reach out and try to touch the characters. Very realistic. We also walked through this part that had tigers, hippos and even some reindeer. Not in the same part though :) It had a whole dinosaur section too. With lots of rides and games for younger kids. Unfortunately it was so hot that day and with very few air conditioned buildings we ended up leaving a little earlier than the other days. We still got to see a lot and I would like to go back and see it again.

The Tree of Life
Us in front of the sign leading to the Tree.
One of the really cool tree carvings.
Statue of an alligator.

There were a lot of these carvings in rocks and trees.
Goofy, Mickey and Pluto fishing.

When we met Chip and Dale.

Huey, Dewey and Louie with Daisy.

The dinosaur park.

A skeleton over a bridge.
Some of the animals we saw.

We could have trekked up the mountain if we wanted but I seriously doubt it was any cooler up there. It looked really cool though.

Hollywood Studios October 5, 2009

On day 3 we went to Hollywood studios. I wasn't sure what to expect at this kingdom. It had so many great things to see. They had a lot of Pixar characters there which was fun. Actually the parade at the end was all Pixar. We got to see a real movie set and how they do certain scenes like gun fire and explosions. Alittle much for the kids but Chad and I enjoyed it. We also go to see A Little Mermaid Movie. The lighting and other visual effects were really cool and we even got wet when they splashed in the water. We got to see a High School Musical 3 concert. We even saw Lightning McQueen and Mater but didn't want to wait in line to meet them. There was a whole street dedicated to Pixar. It had the army men, the barrel of monkeys, the biggest scrabble board you've ever seen and even the light at the begining of the Pixar movies. It was pretty cool.

The boys in their new shirts.
Mickey's hat.

Pixar street.

The army men.
Lightning McQueen and Mater. We don't know who those people are but we didn't want to wait an hour to meet them.

Barrel of Monkeys.

They were along the building and across the top of Pixar street.
The huge scrabble board on the side of the building.

I thought this was funny.

The boys and I with a Kermit the frog clock.

Mr. Potato Head in the parade.
Another Army guy. They were loud and really funny.

Woody and the cow girl from Toy Story 2. I can't think of her name right now.

Sully from Monsters Inc.

Other monsters from Monsters Inc including the little girl Boo.
A Bugs Life.

The princess ant in A Bugs Life.

Picture of the parade.

A Bugs Life. I can't think of his name either.