Saturday, October 10, 2009

Animal Kingdom. October 6, 2009

On Tuesday we went to Animal Kingdom. The kids were really excited to see all the animals. We had a lot of fun. We saw "The Tree of Life" and we met Chip and Dale. Lots of animals carved into the trees and rocks which was pretty cool. We also got to see a 3D movie featuring the characters of "A Bugs Life." The 3D movies were awesome. We saw a few others and Nicholas would reach out and try to touch the characters. Very realistic. We also walked through this part that had tigers, hippos and even some reindeer. Not in the same part though :) It had a whole dinosaur section too. With lots of rides and games for younger kids. Unfortunately it was so hot that day and with very few air conditioned buildings we ended up leaving a little earlier than the other days. We still got to see a lot and I would like to go back and see it again.

The Tree of Life
Us in front of the sign leading to the Tree.
One of the really cool tree carvings.
Statue of an alligator.

There were a lot of these carvings in rocks and trees.
Goofy, Mickey and Pluto fishing.

When we met Chip and Dale.

Huey, Dewey and Louie with Daisy.

The dinosaur park.

A skeleton over a bridge.
Some of the animals we saw.

We could have trekked up the mountain if we wanted but I seriously doubt it was any cooler up there. It looked really cool though.

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