Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Apple Picking October 13, 2009

We finally got around to going apple picking. We found this really great place about 20 minutes from here. First we went to pick out a pumpkin for each of the boys. We let them pick their own. I figured Nicholas would get the biggest pumpkin he could see but I think he wanted to pick it up and carry it himself. Both pumpkins are on the small side but I am fine with that. Then we went into the store they have there and got some apple cider and apple cider donoughts. I think that was the first time either of my kids have had those. They LOVED them. Then it was off to the apple orchard. We were hoping to get a large variety of apples but when we got arrived the saleperson told us there were only 2 kinds of apples. Staymen and Red delicious. I was a little disappointed but I guess we just have to make sure we go earlier next year. The kids had a great time walking through the orchard and picking apples. Jake even got into it. We even found a little catepiller that Nicholas held for a minute. It was a really fun day. We ended up getting a TON of apples. So far we have dried some, make 2 apple crisp and 2 apple pies. Plus the kids eat at least one everyday. Now we just have to carve the pumpkins.

Jake and Chad with Jake's pumpkin.
Jake browsing around.
Nicholas with his pumpkin. He had a hard time deciding.
That's the one.
This picture is so cute. He loved the pumpkin patch.
At the apple orchard.
Jake pointing to the apples.
I love this one!! Jake would find them and Nicholas would pick them.
He picked a couple himself.

Nicholas was a pro.

The catepillar that Chad found.

Nicholas holding him.

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