Friday, October 9, 2009

Magic Kingdom October 3, 2009

The first park we went to was Magic Kingdom. We had so much fun. We spent almost all day on Saturday there. We got to see the castle. We went on a few rides. I really enjoyed "Its a Small World" although the song gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Nicholas enjoyed the rides a little more than Jake did. Jake was content just to sit and look at everything. There was so much to see. We saw a parade at the end of the day which had a lot of the disney characters in it. Jake liked it but unfortunately Nicholas fell asleep shortly before it started. It really was a great day!

Donald Duck
Ariel and Prince Eric

Belle and The Beast

The Genie
Jimminey Cricket

Minnie Mouse

Mickey Mouse
Chad and Nicholas driving the Orange car

The whole park was decorated with pumpkins. It looked very festive.

Nicholas and I

Part of "Its A Small World"
Another part of "Its a Small World"

The Castle

My boys with Goofy

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