Saturday, October 10, 2009

Epcot October 4, 2009

The second day we went to Epcot. I was really excited about going there because everyone who has ever gone has told me how cool Epcot is. I was really excited about walking through all the countries. It was a really neat day. We got to see a lot of things. There were a few rides the kids went on. I think this kingdom was more for older kids and adults because it took awhile to walk through the countries (which I really enjoyed) but the kids got a little bored. We had to take the monorail in order to get to this kingdom and the boys loved it!! Actually at the end of the day I asked Nicholas what his favorite part was and he said the train. It was really cute.

This was such a cool ride. We could see it from the monorail.
All of us.

Nicholas and Jake with Marlen, Dory and Nemo. The boys really liked this ride.

The boys with Marlen.

Nicholas giving Nemo a hug.

Really neat sights walking through the countries.

This was really neat to see.
Epcot had a lot of fountains. It was so beautiful.


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