Monday, February 1, 2010

NJ Aquarium

Today we went to the NJ Aquarium. It was so great. Nicholas was excited when I told him we were going but very clearly told me he didn't want to touch any sharks. So funny. We got to see so many different kinds of fish (Nemo and Dory were there too), turtles, jellyfish, hippos, a crocodile and lots of sharks. Nicholas and Jake both touched a baby shark and a starfish. We also went through this shark tunnel which was really neat. The sharks were swimming above and around us. It made me a little sick but the boys thought it was so cool. Nicholas said his favorite part was petting the baby shark. What a fun day with lots of pictures to share.

In front of one of many fish tanks.
My boys in the aquarium.
Nicholas touching the starfish.
Jake touching the starfish. (That water was freezing cold.)
One of the 2 hippos we saw.

I love how Jake is staring at the shark.

The sign next to this jaw said this was the largest shark ever. It could eat a great white shark in one bite. WOW!!!

The boys wearing shark hats. I'm surprised Jake kept his on long enough to take the picture.
Nicholas petting the shark.
Jake petting the shark.
The crocodile head.
HIs body under the water.

More turtles and other fish.


  1. Hi Caroline! I didn't know you had a blog until I was reading FB this morning! I'm so glad you do, though. It was so fun to see pics of the NJ aquarium and of your cute family! Those sharks would have made me sick, too. haha. I can't wait to read your next posts!

  2. That does look like fun. Would you recommend it?

  3. Wow! That looks like SO MUCH FUN!! I am so glad you got so many good pics. The boys seemed to really be enjoying themselves. I love family trips like that.

  4. It was a lot of fun. A little expensive but other than that I would definitely recommend it.