Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pantry shelf Nov. 24, 2010

My laundry room is right off my kitchen and is a good size room so we also made it our pantry. We used to have two seperate plastic shelving units on each wall that were full of food, food storage, paper products and a few kitchen appliances that couldn't fit anywhere else. Needless to say our laundry room was quite packed. Chad decided that he would make me a custom shelving unit taking up one entire wall to maximize our space. He drew up the plans and started to go to work. It was a messy job and I couldn't find my washer for 2 days but it is (mostly) done and I LOVE it!! Chad also made slots for our can goods to slide them in so we can keep track better as to what we have and what we need. Chad has to run to Lowes and pick up more metal for the last few slots but it looks great and my laundry room has so much more room. Chad is so talented and I am grateful for the extra space he has made in our home. Just in time for Thanksgiving:)
What we had for shelving before.
Chad working.
What we have now.

Up close look at our can system.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November (so far) Nov. 16, 2010

I know I haven't blogged in awhile. Not a whole lot has been going on. I celebrated my birthday on the 2nd. Chad left the day before so that was no fun BUT my family and his family surprised me with Chinese food and baked me a cake. The boys were happy and I was surprised. It was a really nice day. The day after Chad leaves is always the hardest so that definitely helped our moods. Chad has been busy at work. He is ALMOST done. It has been a long 3 years and we are all ready for this to be over and be together again. We realized the other day that this is all our kids have ever known. Nicholas was 18 months old when Chad got deployed and I just found out I was pregnant with Jacob. We are grateful for the opportunities that it gave us especially Chad who was able to be promoted twice. We are just ready for a change. Nicholas is doing great in school. He loves it. This coming Friday is the thanksgiving dinner. I think Aunt Shell is going to try to go with us. Jacob is also doing well. He is talking alot more and loves playing with his brother. He is also really enjoying his alone time with mommy when Nick's at school. We love to sit on the couch and cuddle while we read lots of books together. Last Friday I got my wisdom teeth out. NO fun!! Glad its done and I am so grateful to all the people who were able to help me and the boys for the first few days. I am recovering and just a little sore now. Nothing else is really going on here. Just wanted to keep you updated on what's happening in our lives.
the boys playing horsie.

Monday, November 1, 2010


What a great and busy weekend. Friday, Nicholas had his halloween party at preschool. The kids all looked so cute in their costumes. He was very excited and we all had a great time. I made vampire cupcakes for the occasion. After school was over we packed an overnight bag and headed up to Peru Ny (where my dad lives) and surprised him for his birthday. His birthday is actually on Halloween but my stepmom planned a surprise party for him. We dressed the boys in their costumes and hid behind the wall when he got home from work. He was very surprised to see us and the boys were happy to spend sometime with their grandparents. On Saturday we went over and visited uncle Brian and aunt Carrie and play with Olivia and Addison (the boys cousins.) We don't see them very often so it was nice to catch up. The boys and Olivia had so much fun running up and down the hallway. Then my sisters Michelle and Cathy and her husband Ross came up later that afternoon and surprised my dad again. We all had a great dinner together and of course cake and ice cream. Chad and I had to leave that night to be home for Sunday. We didn't get home until about 10:30pm BUT thankfully the boys slept for the whole ride. Sunday morning we got up and went to church. The boys were very excited to be going trick or treating with their cousins later that evening. We went to Dave and Chrissy's and had a great dinner and then went out. Dave and Chrissy had a costume theme this year and decided to be bee's while Dave was the bee keeper. They made Chad the beehive. It turned out cute and so many people made comments about the costumes. Nicholas was a fireman and Jake was a dinosaur. Noel was a princess and Ty was a skunk. Ty and Jake looked so cute together and they managed to snag 2 or more pieces of candy from most of the houses. We got home about 7:30pm and aunt Michelle came over with reeses peanut butter cups (my boys absolute favorite candy) and these mini Mr. Potato head toys. Jake has NOT stopped playing with them. He even slept with the pieces last night. Happy Halloween everyone!!

Cupcakes for Nicholas' party

Birthday cake I made for my dad.
Jake reading with papa Rick. Nicholas reading with grandma Deb.
The boys were soo tired that night.

Our trick or treating group.