Monday, April 18, 2011

Nicholas turns 5!!! April 17, 2011

Today my little boy turned 5. I can NOT believe it has been 5 years. Time is flying!! He is growing up so fast. I woke him up this morning around 7am wishing him a happy birthday. He woke up suddenly very excited. Then he said "I'm getting old and will have grey hair soon." He cracks me up. I made blueberry muffins for breakfast. Then because Chad and I couldn't wait until after church we gave him his present. He had to find it in our room. He uncovered a bike!!! He was so excited. He had been telling us he wanted a bike and to throw him off we said we would have to talk to Santa and see if he could get one for Christmas. We had every intention of buying him one though. He was so excited he rode it through our dining room and into the kitchen a few times. Now Jake wants one for his birthday too. Then we went to church. The primary sang Happy Birthday to him which he was happy about. After church we had just a little family party with my 2 sisters and brother in law. He is having his big party for everyone in 2 weeks. On Friday he had his 5 year doctor check up. Everything was great. He weighs 38lbs and is 42 inches tall. He had to get one shot and did great. No crying or anything. He just said that he was so strong that the needle didn't even hurt him. He is very excited for kindergarten next year. I just can't believe how fast he is growing up. Happy Birthday Nicholas. We love you and are so proud of the young man you are becoming.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chad's Birthday April 1, 2011

Chad is an April Fools Day baby. He has never really liked that his birthday is on April 1 and I can't blame him. I remember being pregnant with Nicholas and being due in April and thinking "any day but the 1st!!" We don't really do a whole lot of jokes around here mostly just focus on Chad. So yesterday he turned 34 (or as he likes to put it "It is the 13 anniversary of his 21st birthday;) We had some family and friends over for dinner and cake. We had homemade pizza (I spent all day making pizza thankful for my bread maker) some salads and then he requested ice cream cake. I always make the birthday cakes for our family. Even though I usually get very little sleep the night before one of their birthdays I really enjoy it. Honestly though, I was a little relieved when he wanted a cake that I couldn't make. Less for me to do in my already crazy day. We all had a great time. We watched Tangled (love that movie!) and Dispicable Me. We didn't get a whole lot of pictures but it was fun hanging out with our family and celebrating Chad's birth. Chad, we love you!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday.