Sunday, December 2, 2012

And the Season Begins.......

I LOVE this time of year.  I love the music, decorations, lights, hot cocoa and ALL the other things that we get to enjoy.  Today was a busy day.  We went to our first Christmas party of the season.  There are MANY more to come.  Chad had his party today with his military unit.  The boys had fun with a couple of the crafts they were able to do.  They made Rudolph the red nosed reindeer from a candy cane.  They also each got to decorate a paper Christmas tree.  Then later this evening we set up our Christmas tree and a few decorations.  I just love the spirit of Christmas.  If I didn't get a single present, I would be okay with that.  I love to see the smiles on my boys faces.  I want them to experience the spirit of the season.  To have these memories for years to come.  I know I look back fondly on Christmas's spent with my family growing up.  I just want to give that to them.  That is worth more than anything I could ever buy them.  I have been crocheting a quilt for Jacob since May.  It is ALMOST done.  I made one for Nicholas' birthday and then decided that since Jake birthday is in July (and who wants another blanket in July?!) it would make a good present for Christmas.  I know he is going to love it.  We have a busy month with lots of Christmas parties (2 school parties, work and church) and family get togethers.  We are trying to remember the reason for the season.  I am trying to think of things the boys can do for our neighbors.  Some kind of acts of service.  Haven't quite figured out what yet but I will let you know.  I also have an ornament party I am attending this Friday.  I have been crocheting ones for a few weeks now and have about 5 left to complete.  I am excited to get to celebrate Christmas with my Mom this year.  It has been a long time since I saw her Christmas morning.  Well that is it for now.  I will do updates probably weekly to post about all our various events.   

 Holding their candy cane Rudolph
 Their Christmas trees
 Posing in front of our tree 
Each holding their stockings

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