Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fathers Day and The Great Escape. June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!! Chad came home Saturday night (just in time for Fathers day.) The boys were so excited to see him. That morning they gave him a card. He actually got his present a few weeks ago because we weren't sure if he would be home in time. Then we went to church together. Nicholas got to sing "My Daddy is my Favorite Pal" with the primary. I'm not sure he sang at all but it was so cute. After the song all the kids went to the pulpit one by one and said "My daddy teaches me....." and they would fill in the blank. Nicholas said "My daddy teaches me how to build things." It is so true. Chad is truly amazing at building things. Whether its out of legos, lincoln logs or wood and nails. The boys quickly learned that playing with legos is sooo much more fun with daddy and not mommy. Its because daddy would build these tall building and robots. It is really awesome. Chad has also been working hard at building a deck on the back of our house (I will blog about that later) and letting Nicholas help him to measure and teaching him how to do things. I'm amazed at how much Nicholas knows about tools. We have our very own little Handy Manny. Jake is following right in his footsteps with his play hammer just pounding away and trying to be as helpful as and almost 2 year old can be. So after church Chad's family went to The Great Escape (like six flags only smaller.) We had a funfilled afternoon. The kids really enjoy seeing their cousins and its nice to hang out with family. I just want to quickly tell my Father how much I love him. He is a great father and I was glad I got to see him this weekend as well. Chad, you are a wonderful father to our boys. Although it breaks my heart a little everytime Nicholas says he wants to be a soldier like you, I know its because he wants to be just like his dad. We love you!

The boys at Great Escape.
Almost all of us on a kids ride. Elizabeth and Nicholas flying a plane. It is a cool ride. (Nicholas has 2 uncles who are pilots so I'm sure that is why he wanted to go on this one so badly.)
Jake and his cousin Ty holding hands. These boys are SOOO cute together.
Nicholas and Elizabeth riding in a car.
Elizabeth and Jacob flying on the swings. He liked this one.
Ty and Jake riding in the monster trucks. These boys really are adorable together.
Jake and Daddy hanging out.
Jake after going on the lazy river with Chad.
The end of our day. Jake was one tired little boy. I love that he is wearing his uncle Eric's hat. He put it on himself.

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