Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cathy and Ross' Wedding. Aug, 6, 2010

My sister Cathy and her new husband Ross were married last friday. It was a beautiful ceremony. The wedding was held at Yaddo Gardens in Saratoga Springs. The recpetion was at the Greenwich chapel. What a memorable day. The bride was beautiful. The weather was perfect. It was the first time in 8 years that all my siblings were together. Actually our entire family was there. It was so great to catch up with everyone and to be able to see Cathy and Ross start their life together. Just a warning, there are A LOT of pictures. At the reception, Nicholas was dancing like crazy. I have a few pics of it. Congratulations Cathy and Ross!!

Karin and Ross' brother Thor

Layla and my brother Alex

Shellie and Ross' brother Bach

Cathy and my Dad walking down the isle

The ceremony

Officially Mr. and Mrs. Ross Schanck

My entire family.

All the Healy siblings with the Bride and Groom


Chad and I with the boys and the happy new couple.

My brothers

My dad and Cathy

My mom and Cathy

All the neices and nephews with Aunt Michelle

Walking into the reception.

Cutting the cake

I love this picture.

Jake and his Daddy dancing

DancingNicholas and his dancing. It was so cute.

My brothers and sister dancing, I think.

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  1. Oh wow! Cathy looks beautiful! It's so hard to picture her being old enough to be getting married. It's a little hard to wrap my head around it.

    Your whole family looks great! It's great to see a picture of all the siblings together.