Thursday, August 26, 2010

File Folder Games Aug. 24, 2010

Tuesday afternoon we all went to my sister in laws house to visit and to work on a project together. Chrissy has a HUGE binder full of file folder games that I decided I wanted to make for the boys. They are having a hard time being reverent during sacrament meeting and I am hoping this will keep them entertained for a little longer. First Rachael (my other sister in law who also has young children) and I picked out about 12 different games. Chrissy copied them for us on white cardstock. Then we colored, cut, and laminated the pieces. After they were laminated we cut them out again. We put the folder pieces on and placed contact paper over the folder to protect it. Then I placed velcro stickers on the folder and on the individual pieces. It was a lot more work than I realized but the end results were so worth it (even staying up until 11:30pm that night!) Thankfully my older neices and nephew helped with the coloring and cutting. It was a really fun activity and I am hoping the boys will enjoy them during sacrament meeting. We will find out on Sunday:)

match the number on the paintbrush to the number missing on the paint can. We also made the colors the same for younger kids who don't know numbers yet to just match colors.
This one is fun. One side the ice cream scoop has the word written out. The other side has dots for counting out how many. Then you match it to the right ice cream cone.
This one is so cute. The bushes have a letter missing and need to be matched to the letter on the giraffes neck. My neice colored this one and it is one of my favorites.

rhyming alligators. underneath is a picture of a rhyming word. Chrissy also painted the alligator pairs the same so you could just match identical alligators instead.

Building a Happy family. My nephew colored and cut this all out. It turned out cute. The pieces are a little smaller but I know the boys are going to love this one.

Noah's Ark. My other neice colored these animals. Underneath each animal is their match.


  1. I just bought my 96 pack of crayola today... I am in pain thinking about it ;)

  2. Awesome!!! We love file folder games around here too. Let me know if you ever need anymore. I have a TON stored on my computer digitally!

    1. Hi! I am a new teacher and am looking for file folder games for my students with autism. I would SO appreciate it if you'd send me some! Thank you!

    2. Hi! I am a new teacher and am looking for file folder games for my students with autism. I would SO appreciate it if you'd send me some! Thank you!

  3. Hello. I don't know you, I just googled Folder Games and saw your page. I have a 2 year old who is at risk for autism and I'm trying to make her some games...I love your Noah Game...would you mind sending me the template?

  4. Mom Two Girls....I literally just read your comment as I was scrolling through my blog. I'm sorry it has taken me this long to reply. I don't have the template because I got copies from my sister in law. If you want to check out the website of the book we used it is I hope this helps. Again, So sorry it took me this long to reply.

  5. Do you know where I could find the paint bucket and brushes for the file folder game I would love to make this for my class.

  6. AMAZING!! Can I purchase electronic copes from you? Would love it for my class!