Friday, October 22, 2010

Marie's Birthday/Baptism Oct. 19, 2010

My niece Marie turned 8 this past Tuesday and she got baptized. Now this makes me feel old because Chad and I started dating when Chrissy was pregnant with Marie! Even was such a great day. Chad got to come home (for exactly 21 hours!) He got home late Monday night and Tuesday morning the boys were SOOO happy to see him. It was sad to break the news to them that he was leaving that evening but they soaked up every little bit of time with daddy until then. Chad brought home his motorcycle (on a trailer) because well........lets face it, its October. He really enjoyed riding it this year but winter is almost here and it is easier to get it put away now then to wait until December when we will most likely have snow on the ground. Chad took one more ride around the block and then brought it back to the shed. The boys each got a chance to sit on it and rev the engine. They did NOT want to sit on it at first which was kind of funny but when they did we had a hard time getting them off of it. After we got that done we headed up to Chrissy and Dave's house to get ready for the baptism. We went to the church for dinner and just about the time they were planning on starting the baptism, the fire alarm went off. We all had to evacuate the building while we waited for the fire trucks to arrive. This actually happened a few months ago at church and Nicholas has not stopped talking about the fire men. He is even going to be one for Halloween. He got really scared on Tuesday though and the only thing that calmed him down was Chad holding him. We went back in and had the baptism. Chad's nephew Brian was also ordained as a teacher as well. Everything went really well. They are such great kids. Chad had to leave after the confirmation so we walked out with him to say goodbye. After he left, the boys were done (especially Nicholas) and just wanted to go home and go to bed. It was a great day and I'm glad we got to spend time with Chad. Happy Birthday Marie!!!

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