Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Holiday Parties/Christmas Dec. 2010

Wow....I hadn't realized it had been almost a month since my last post. So much has happened and it just flew by so quickly. Chad came home permanently just a few days after my last post. We were all so happy to be done with that part of our lives. The day after he got home we had the Healy family Christmas party at our house. It was so fun hanging out with my siblings and their spouses. My brother Brian also brought his 2 daughters and the boys were so happy to have playmates. We did a yankee swap with presents and I think it went well. Chad ended up getting small frying pan that had molds of Santa and snowmen. I thought it would be a cute new tradition on christmas morning to make pancakes with it. I got a mug with very fancy hot chocolate, a yankee candle and a borders gift card. The other gifts were good as well, that's just what we got. The following day (after church) we had the Fichtner family Christmas party at Dave and Chrissy's house. Always a fun time hanging out with Chad's family. The amazing thing was that Chad and ALL of his brothers were there at he same time. It seems like getting 2 together is common but anymore than that seems impossible. I know Chad really missed hanging out with his brothers while he was away. We also did a Yankee swap at this party (one for adults and one for the kids) Nicholas got a set of playfood and Jake got a Zooble. Its kind of girly but he really liked it and I even found them some other ones since then. Chad got some Christmas pot holders and I got a Christmas wreath. Good food and good company. Then we will fast forward to Christmas Eve. We went to Eric and Rachael's house to visit then we went with Michelle to drop off cookies to church friends. We interupted a family Christmas party but they were so great about it and even let us stay for their Christmas play. Afterwards we went home and got the boys ready for bed. Michelle was spending the night too so she could be here bright and early. I didn't have the energy to make any more cookies for Santa so he got oreo's. I didn't hear any complaining. The next morning we ended up having to wake the boys up at 7:45am. normally we would have let them sleep but we were planning to head over to Eric and Rachaels' house for breakfast. So we had to get moving. the boys were SO EXCITED when they saw the tree. We passed out the presents and they had a great time opening them. Jake got these books about a duck named Little Quack (which he loves) When he opened the present he was done. he just wanted to sit and read his books. Nicholas got a remote control car which is what he had asked Santa for. The boys had a lot of fun and so did we. Michelle got us tickets to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra for the following day. That was awesome! Chad got a book on cd and a new cd player for his truck. (his old one hasn't been working so well) Chad got me an ipod which I have used almost everyday since Christmas. Breakfast was great and then just realxing and watching movies all day. This was the first year that I saw "A Christmas Story" from start to finish. Anyway this post is so long I'm going to split new years into another one. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. It is so great hanging out with family and celebrating the true reason for the season together.

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