Thursday, December 16, 2010

Making Cookies/Christmas Program Dec. 15, 2010

The boys and I made these yummy swirl mint cookies the other day. I got the recipe from my friends blog and when I saw the 3 different colors cookie dough, I knew I had to make it. I was unsure how I felt about the "mint" part of the cookie but I am SO glad I added it. They were so tasty. First we made the dough. Then we seperated it into 3 equal parts. Dyed one red (kind of pink) one green and left one yellow. Then we rolled them into long strips, cut them and mixed the colors together as you rolled it into a ball. The boys had alot of fun making these. Nicholas had his Christmas program at school last night. He has been singing these songs for about a month (almost driving me insane!!) come to find out a few days ago, his teachers says that he doesn't sing at school! I know he knows all the words because I know all the words and these are Christmas jingles I've never heard before. So he didn't sing a lot at the program but I did see him trying to at a few parts. He looked so handsome in his white shirt and tie. He got to keep the red and white scarf he was wearing. We had to leave a little early and when we were in the hallway putting on our coats, guess who walks in the door??? SANTA!!! The look on Nicholas' face was priceless. He was in SHOCK!! He gave Santa a high five but other than that he was to nervous to talk to him. After we got a picture and said goodbye we walked outside and Nicholas asks "Where is his sleigh with all the reindeer?" I told him he probably parked it on the roof. He was so excited to go home and call daddy to tell him who he saw. It was a fun night. Both my boys are growing up so fast. Chad is due home in the next couple of days. We are all very excited and that is really the best christmas present we can get.

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  1. Nicholas reminds me a lot of Tennyson. He knew all the words to his xmas program too, but when the time came, he was a little bashful singing. Kids are so funny! So glad you and the boys get your hubby for CHristmas, yay!!