Monday, March 26, 2012

The start of something new. March 26, 2012

Today Chad started his new job. He interviewed a few weeks ago and got a callback the following morning. We are so excited. Engineering is the career he chose a LOOOONNNNGGGGG time ago. Today he finally starts his career. So far, he loves it. He got to come home for lunch (because he only works 10 minutes away:) and told me all about his morning and the exciting things he is going to be doing. It is all very exciting and nerve wracking. He has A LOT of training to complete. It will take about 10 months. I didn't get a picture of him before he left for work because it was so early. I will try to get one when he has his hard hat and steel toe boots. Then it will be more official. We have had a busy few weeks. Chad spent all last week installing a fence with his brother. Long days but at least it was gorgeous outside. I think it hit 83 degrees. Nicholas had a field trip last week. He went to the State museum in Albany. He loved it. I wished I could have chaperoned but it didn't happen. Jake had a pool party last week. They did this at the preschool last year with Nicholas. They fill up little pools in the classroom and the kids have a blast. They were even debating about doing it outside since the weather was so nice but they opted to do it inside. He didn't want to go in at first but as soon as I left the teacher said he got in and had so much fun. We are getting ready for Chad's birthday (April 1st) and Nicholas' birthday (April 17th) and I will definitely post updates then. The boys have been having fun outside enjoying this spring (almost summer) weather. I wish it would stay but unfortunately it is still March. I shouldn't be surprised that it has been so cold today but I am:( Oh well Spring will be here soon enough. We went to visit my sister Cathy on Saturday and the boys had so much fun playing with her dog Medved. It is fun visiting with her and we need to take advantage of it while she still lives close by.

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