Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where has the time gone???

So last June I finally got all of our pictures organized onto our desktop. Then our camera dies. It would no longer charge and was useless. We went out and bought a new one and I very much dislike it. It is the same camera just the newer version BUT when loading pictures on our computer, it has to use a certain program (that I had to download) and it is quite difficult and time consuming. This is the reason I haven't posted in all these months. My camera. I know......its lame. I guess I should update quickly and try to post some pics. July was Jake's 3rd birthday. It was a lot of fun. We did a Mickey Mouse theme. The cake was my first one using fondant. I didn't love it but it was easy to work with and for this cake it did help a lot. I really need to combine photos of all the cakes I've made in an album. August, Chad and I got to go to the temple with my sister and brother in law so they could be sealed. It was a very special day. September my boys started school. Nicholas was so excited about kindergarten and he still loves it. His teacher is very sweet and he is doing really well. Jake also started preschool. He was very shy at first but he is enjoying it more now. Jake also had his tonsils and adenoids removed at the end of September. Jake has had issues since he was born with breathing, snoring and ear infections. He also would throw up every single day. If he got worked up, overtired or ate to quickly he would throw up. When we finally had x rays done his adenoids were HUGE!!! The Dr was really surprised he had gone this long. Since the surgery, he hasn't thrown up once. He sleeps more deeply at night and his speech is improving. He still gets ear infections though:( October Chad and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary. We weren't able to do anything but still a milestone. November was my birthday and Thanksgiving. A very fast month but not faster than December. The holidays always go too quickly. Thanksgiving we went to my Dad's house. Then in December Chad finished his Engineering degree!!!!! It was a very happy day. He worked so hard last year to get that done. We celebrated Christmas at our house with Dad and Debby and Michelle. The boys got so spoiled. New years we spent at Dave and Chrissy's house with Eric and Rachael. Chad's sister Dana and her family came as well. January was a rough month. I literally had a headache the entire month. I went to 3 different doctors, was on 2 different antibiotics, a muscle relaxer and had a CT scan and an ultrasound of my thyroid. The results were nothing. We think it was a sinus infection. It did go away finally within the first few days of February. Chad is back at school taking an Auto Cadd course. He really enjoys it. He is also tutoring one night a week at the college. February, Michelle took us on vacation to Florida. It was a lot of fun. We went to Disney for 3 days. We went all the way to Key West. The boys had a lot of fun swimming and we all came back with nice tans. Now its March and we are getting back into our routines. Chad has been doing a lot of construction work with his brother Eric. The mild winter we have been having has certainly helped them get more jobs that would have otherwise had to wait until spring/summer time. Jake has an appointment in April to have his hearing checked. Since he is still getting frequent ear infections and ALWAYS has fluid in his ears they are going to check and see if he needs tubes put in. It will hopefully improve his hearing and he is beginning speech therapy soon which will make a big difference. Nicholas is reading quite well now. He reads everyday for about 20 minutes. It is so nice to see how much he is learning. I have been blessed to be able to volunteer in his classroom every Tuesday. Well that is it for now. I will try to be better. We have birthdays coming up and other special events that I want to record. I've enjoyed reading all your blogs. Thanks for being better than me at keeping them updated:)

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  1. Jake looks like such a little man in the beach picture! So cute...