Monday, June 20, 2011

Nicholas' Graduation June 18, 2011

I know its been forever. I just can't seem to get in a blogging mood lately. Nicholas had his preschool graduation on Saturday. It was the cutest graduation I have ever seen. They did a Willy Wonka theme and the kids had a lot to do with making the props. It was just so fun. I made the cake then night before. Chad helped with the outlines. They performed a few songs and then received their diplomas. Nicholas got the "Wise Owl Award" for his love of knowledge. They also made a memory book for the kids. The kids drew pictures of their families. Answered questions like favorite color (red) and favorite vacation spot which he said was the Temple. I'm sure his teachers thought that was a little odd but it made me tear up that of all the places he could have picked he chose the temple. Then all his friends signed an autograph page. It is so cute and I am determined to start scrapbooking again. These are the kinds of things that only happen once and I want to make sure its not forgotten. Jake was excited for Nicholas to be done with school so his best buddy would be home to play with him more. He is also excited that next year he gets to go to preschool. My boys are growing up too fast:) Congratulations Nicholas. We love you:)

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