Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!!!  We had such a great Christmas this year.  My mom came down on Christmas eve to celebrate the holiday with us.  We had them missionaries over for dinner and then afterwards we went to Washington park in Albany and saw the Christmas lights displayed.  It was a really fun night.   All the different lights were just beautiful.  When we got home the boys were anxious to go to bed.  They didn't want to chance Santa skipping our house because they were awake.  After they were in bed, we set out the cookies and milk and all the presents.  We were in bed about 10pm.  Christmas morning.  Nicholas came in our room about 6:30am.  He knows we don't get up until 7am but he was so excited Santa came.  He came out in the living room and went through his stocking.  When we came out at 7am he had already had about a dozen mini reeses peanut butter cups!!  He was a little hyper.  We had to wake Jake up but as soon as we told him Santa came he popped right out of bed.  We had to wait a few more minutes until Michelle came over.  By that time the boys couldn't wait any longer.  Chad passed out he presents and they began tearing away at them.  Nicholas got a remote control helicopter and a scooter from Santa.  Jacob got a Batman cave and scooter from Santa.  They probably could have stopped there and been happy but they got a lot more from their grandma and aunt.  Jake also got a Jake and the Neverland pirates ship with action figures.  Nicholas got a board game called Catan Junior.  We have played it A LOT!!  It was a fun morning and a relaxing day.  Chad's brother and his family came by and gave the boys slippers.  Nick had Darth Vader and Jake had Yoda.  They are so cute.  We got to skype with a lot of our family all around the world.  My youngest brother is in Korea right now and it was nice to see him.  We had a wonderful day and was so glad to spend it with family.  I love Christmas and the spirit of it.  It was such a great day:)       

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