Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nicholas and Jacob's Christmas Parties

The boys both had Christmas parties at school thins year.  Thankfully they were on different days (not so lucky with other holidays) and we were able to attend.  Nick's was on December 19th.  Jake and I got to the school and went to his classroom.  He was so excited to eat lunch with us.  They had pizza and veggies and LOTS of cookies.  We socialized for about an hour and then we all went into the Gym and ALL the first graders (there are 5 classes) sang us some songs.  It was so cute.  Then Nicholas gave us a present.  I told him I couldn't wait until Christmas (and I'm glad I didn't) and opened it when we got home.  It was a wreath he made out of clothespins.  It is seriously so cute and replaced our real wreath and was immediately put on our front door.  Jacob had his party on the 20th at dinner time.  Chad brought the boys over and I met them over there ( I was coming from work.)  The class sang some songs (Jake didn't sing ONE word even though he has been nonstop at home) and then a special visitor showed up.....SANTA.  He was carrying a big bag of toys which was when I realized I forgot to bring a toy!!!  Worst Mom ever!!!  I told the boys that Santa had given me their presents earlier and I forgot to bring them.  I said as soon as we got home I would get them.  They were totally cool with that.  I love my boys for not making me feel so much worse than I already felt.  Anyway, we had a great dinner and headed home.  The boys got teenage mutant ninja turtle action figures. I'm pretty sure "Santa" didn't realize how much noise they made until that night.  Oh well.  They loved them and that's really all that matters.  I didn't get very many pictures unfortunately.  I am so thankful for my sweet boys and all the joy they bring to my life.   

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