Thursday, January 14, 2010

Asher's Chocolate Factory Jan. 14, 2010

We really needed to get out of the house and do something fun today so we decided to go to Asher's Chocolate Factory which is about 45 minutes away. It is the oldest family owned company in the United States and it makes chocolate and other treats so we couldn't go wrong. We got to go on a short tour to see how they make, package and ship all their delicious treats. It was actually very interesting. It only lasted about 10 minutes but then we went to the gift shop and bought a few things to try out. There was a little house with a table and chairs and a little couch that the boys just loved. They could have stayed in there for hours. We couldn't take pictures in the factory part so there aren't to many. It was great to get out and do something fun as a family.

At the front entrance.
Jake sitting at the little table.
Nicholas getting some books out so he can sit on the couch next to the teddy bears.
They really liked the little table.

Chad getting them out of their "little house."

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