Monday, January 18, 2010

First day of Sunbeams/Nursery. Jan. 17, 2010

Yesterday was a big day for my boys. Nicholas had his first day of Sunbeams and Jacob went to Nursery for the first time. What a great day!! Nicholas has been talking about Primary all week and learning new songs every night. We got in the Primary room and he just sat there with his arms folded so reverently. I think he was just in awe. I didn't realize how little he looked until he was with all the other Primary kids. I usually just see him next to Jacob so it was quite a difference. When I picked him up from class he was just so excited to tell me all about it. The whole ride home was what he did, songs he sang, how much he loves his teacher. It really was so cute. Jacob went to nursery with no problems. I guess from the experience I had with Nicholas when he first started nursery I was a little hesitant but they have very different personalities. Jake is much more relaxed and goes with the flow. He's also very independent for his age. He doesn't like when I just give him something or do something for him. He wants me to ask first so he can nod his head (yes) or shake it and make a growl sound (No). He likes to be included in all the decisions that involve him throughout the day. When I picked him up his teacher said he didn't cry or go to the door and look for me once. When I asked him later if he had fun in nursery he very quickly nodded his head and smiled. Then he completely passed out on the way home. I am so proud of my boys and hope next Sunday goes just as well.

My boys on their big day.
They are so handsome in their little outfits. Thanks Aunt Cathy!

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