Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our picnic/BBQ May 5, 2010

Yesterday the boys and I ran some errands that took us about 3 hours. On the way home Jake fell asleep and Nicholas was really quiet. I asked him what he was thinking about and he said "Can we have a picnic tonight for dinner?" It was sooo beautiful outside I agreed that was a great idea. He also wanted to invite Aunt Shell. He really loves to being able to see her everyday. So we invited Michelle over and had BBQ chicken on our patio furniture. Then we went for a walk to the library and got some books and movies. To top it off we made some smores for dessert. It was a fun night and Nicholas wants to do it again when Chad is home. We miss him:( Hopefully the weather will keep up and we can do picnics more often.

Aunt Shell with the boys.
Jake wearing Aunt Shell's sunglasses.
Nicholas enjoying his dinner.
The boys getting ready for our walk.


  1. Wow, how wonderful to have such space outside without the traffic. :) I am happy for you and the boys and your new situation. We miss you though... And I know how much you miss Chad. I will pray for you that the time goes very quickly.

  2. What a fun little picnic! I love days like that. :)