Monday, April 26, 2010

National Pretzel Day. Herr's Snack Factory

Happy National Pretzel Day! Since today is Chad's last day off in the last week we will be here we decided to do one more thing as a family in PA. I was looking around last night for things to go see and noticed that today was National Pretzel Day and what better thing to do than to go to a pretzel/chip snack factory? Well it was about an hour and a half away which wasn't so bad there but the way home was kind of rough. It was fun though. We went on a tour of the factory and saw how they make the dough for pretzels and how they season the chips. It was pretty interesting how they reuse everything. They even have a machine that extracts heat off of the product and they use this heat to heat the building in the winter. They have NO heating bill throughout the winter. How great would that be? We got to try fresh chips that hadn't even hit the conveyor belt yet. They tasted soooo good. Everyone who goes to the factory gets a small bag of chips at the end of the tour but today being national pretzel day we also got a free bag of pretzels. The boys LOVE getting the souvenier pennies from those machines that flatten them and imprint a picture on them. It was far away but it was fun to spend time as a family. Its sad to think that next week at this time we won't be together in PA anymore. We need to take advantage of the time we get to spend together. Here are some pics of our day:)

In front of Chippers Cafe.
Some of their products displayed on the wall.

Getting their souveniers.
Jake had to turn it for himself.

The side of a wall on the building.


  1. SO cool!! I want to go too. Thanks for telling us about this place.

  2. That sounds like a fun factory to visit. You have such a cute family. :)