Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nicholas' 4th Birthday Party April 10, 2010

Nicholas had his 4th birthday party on Saturday. We decided to have a Pirate party theme. The invitations were rolled up like a scroll and even sent out in plastic bottles. The kids went on a treasure hunt to look for a treasure chest pinata. They also played pin the eye patch on the pirate. Chad and I were up until 2:30am the previous night finishing the cakes. We have a pretty good system. He mixes the colors while I do the actual decorating. I couldn't decide between the pirate ship or the little boy pirate so I had to do both. Doing two cakes wasn't easy but I think they turned out cute. Nicholas got a lot of great presents which included lots of clothes for summer, lincoln logs, coloring books, matchbox cars and even an art easel. He LOVES to paint so now it is nice that he can paint and not get it on my table. It was nice spending the day with family and friends. We finished off the party with the treasure chest pinata. Such a fun day but also very tiring. The boys (along with Chad and I) were all in bed by9pm. I'm glad Nicholas enjoyed his party. Here are some pictures.

The pirate boy cake.

The pirate ship cake with pirate candles.
Reading the clues for the treasure hunt.
Going to find more clues.
Opening presents.

Jake even got a present from Aunt Shell. A little golf club set.
Singing Happy Birthday
Blowing out the candles.

I love this picture. Both boys look so cute.
Hitting the pinata.

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  1. Awww...Happy Birthday, Nicholas! Those cakes are awesome!!! You are two very dedicated parents! And by the look of the pictures, it appears that all your late-night efforts were worth it! That looks like a great party that I'm sure Nicholas will always remember. What fun!