Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Morning April 4, 2010

Easter morning was a fun morning. It is a tradition in Chad's family that the Easter bunny always hides the easter basket. I didn't know until this year so I think that is why Nicholas looks so confused in the first picture. Usually his basket was right where he could find it and now he had to look for it. The boys had a fun day with their cousins. We went and watch conference at Chad's other brother Eric and his wife Rachaels house. Then we went and had a delicious dinner at Chrissy's parents house. It is nice to have family so close to be able to celebrate these holidays with.

Chad telling them that the Easter bunny hid their baskets and they have to find them. Nicholas was like "Why??"
Jake looking for his basket.
Nicholas thinking where his basket might be. (It was between the sofa and bookshelf)
Jake found his right behind the tv.
Digging right into all the goodies.
Cleaning it out first. then digging in.
Yum! Easter candy at 8am.
Cool sunglasses:)
Looking at all their candy/toys/books. The Easter bunny went alittle overboard this year.
Jake liked the sunglasses more than Nicholas did. He looks so cute.

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