Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Chad!! April 1, 2010

Chad is an April Fools Day baby. If you ask him he hated this growing up because people always tricked him on his birthday. I'm not a big April Fools day person so to me April 1st is just his birthday and nothing else. I made him pot roast with carrots and potatoes for dinner and then we had an ice cream cake for dessert. I got him the new Sherlock Holmes movie (which I loved so it was really for both of us.) Happy 33rd Birthday Chad. We love you!!

Chad's birthday cake. (I usually make the cakes for birthdays but we were out of town and I had no pans with me.)
Chad's 33rd birthday.
Happy Birthday to you!!

Nicholas wanted to "help Daddy blow out the candles so he could practice for his birthday cake" the following week. He is so funny.

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