Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Break April 9th-14th, 2012

What a fun and crazy week we have had. I love spring break. It reminds me that spring is here and it is getting warmer outside. I love that the sun rises earlier and sets later. I love the birds chirping and the flowers starting to bloom. It is just a great time a year. The boys and I had a great week. We didn't do anything so special I felt I needed to blog about it but we enjoyed ourselves. We slept in, played games, read books, built forts, played outside, rode our bikes, made homemade cinnamon rolls (yum!!) and enjoyed our time together. I will admit that my house was a disaster this week and I did let it bother me on more than one occasion. When it came down to it though, I was just happy to spend some quality time with my children. Yesterday we met my sisters for lunch at Red Robin. Nicholas had a coupon for a free kids meal since his birthday is coming up next week. We must have heard 5 people get sung too for their birthdays and Nicholas said he wanted that too. So we arranged it. When they came out to sing the look on his face was priceless. He folded his arms and looked SOOO MAD!!! He is just the funniest kid. He is getting excited for his birthday. His party is next Saturday with our family and friends. Star Wars......I just keep thinking how proud my brothers would be:) I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break.

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