Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jacob's Field Trip April 26, 2012

Jacob had a field trip today with his preschool.  They went to a fun indoor play area called Treepaad.  (I didn't spell that wrong)  It was a lot of fun.  It is all indoors which is nice especially in this cold, rainy weather.  They had this whole area full of balls and climbing areas.  They also had 2 bouncy houses.  He went down slides and tubes.  He LOVED it!!!  I don't think he stopped running for the full hour.  They had lunch as a class and then got to play for another 45 minutes.  We will definitely be going back soon with Nicholas.  The boys would have so much fun together.  

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nicholas' birthday party April 21, 2012

Today we had Nicholas' birthday party with all our family and friends. We had a Star wars theme because really, what else is there??? Chad and I made the Darth Vader cake last night. One of our easiest cakes yet. I thought it turned out well. We have been watching the weather all week because it called for rain. Since we were doing a BBQ and letting the kids play outside, we were praying it would hold off until after the party. 20 minutes after it ended it started pouring on and off the rest of the day. It was so nice to see family and friends we don't get to see very often. The kids had fun playing outside. Chad made lightsabers for all the kids out of pool noodles, duct tape and electrical tape. They turned out cute and made a fun favor at the end for all the kids to take home. It was an exciting day and I am so thankful for everyone who helped by bringing a dish to share or just celebrating our little boys birthday:) Happy Birthday Nicholas!!

He's starting to get tired.

These were so cute and fun.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nicholas is 6!! April 17, 2012

Today is Nicholas' 6th birthday. Happy Birthday Nicholas. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. It is exciting to see how much he is growing and learning. He is one of the smartest, sweetest boys I have ever met. I feel very blessed to be his mom. He woke up extra early today and we got to cuddle for a few minutes on the couch. I was telling him about when he was born and that he was in a rush to get here (I was only in labor a few hours when he made his appearance.) He was excited to go to school because if its your birthday, you get to wear a crown. He has been patiently waiting his turn. I brought in cupcakes for his class earlier this morning. All the boys were very excited to see Star Wars. We waited until Chad got home from work to have a little family party. Chad picked up Chinese food for dinner (birthday boys request) and I made a small cake. Then he got to open his present. He said he knew what it was but the surprising look on his face told me he didn't. He got a Star Wars bedding set. (are you seeing a pattern here??!!) He said it was awesome and wanted to make his bed. It has been a great day. He is excited for his party on Saturday. I will be sure to post more then. Happy Birthday baby boy!!! We love you:)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Break April 9th-14th, 2012

What a fun and crazy week we have had. I love spring break. It reminds me that spring is here and it is getting warmer outside. I love that the sun rises earlier and sets later. I love the birds chirping and the flowers starting to bloom. It is just a great time a year. The boys and I had a great week. We didn't do anything so special I felt I needed to blog about it but we enjoyed ourselves. We slept in, played games, read books, built forts, played outside, rode our bikes, made homemade cinnamon rolls (yum!!) and enjoyed our time together. I will admit that my house was a disaster this week and I did let it bother me on more than one occasion. When it came down to it though, I was just happy to spend some quality time with my children. Yesterday we met my sisters for lunch at Red Robin. Nicholas had a coupon for a free kids meal since his birthday is coming up next week. We must have heard 5 people get sung too for their birthdays and Nicholas said he wanted that too. So we arranged it. When they came out to sing the look on his face was priceless. He folded his arms and looked SOOO MAD!!! He is just the funniest kid. He is getting excited for his birthday. His party is next Saturday with our family and friends. Star Wars......I just keep thinking how proud my brothers would be:) I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter April 8, 2012

Easter is such a wonderful time to remember our Savior and the sacrifice he made for us. I enjoyed a testimony today from a man I really respect. As he was pondering Easter on the way to church he said that because of the gospel we don't just think about this once a year. This is part of our daily lives. We constantly remember this sacrifice because it reminds us that we can be forgiven and to keep trying to do what is right. How wonderful that we have this blessing in our lives. I never realized how lucky I was to grow up with this knowledge. I am grateful my parents took us to church every week and made us realize what is important. I know that I am eternally blessed because of this gospel. I could not imagine my life without it. I enjoyed spending time with my family this weekend. We went to visit with my Mom for lunch yesterday. The Easter bunny had already dropped off baskets for the boys there. Star Wars coloring books and new Star Wars toothbrushes that looked like lightsabers. How did the Easter bunny know??? I always enjoy catching up with my Mom. I wish I got to see her more often but her work schedule is always keeping her busy (and tired.) We spent a lot of time at my Dad and Debby's house. They (and Michelle) even offered to babysit the boys last night so Chad and I could go to the movies. (Thanks again:) After church the boys got to search for eggs that Debby put together and hid for them. She also hid 2 chocolate bunnies. That was a surprise. This is the 2nd year they have done an Easter egg hunt and they look forward to it all year. This might have to be a tradition. They have enough candy to last them through June. Then we ate a delicious dinner and an Easter bunny cake that Debby made. It was so cute. We had a great Easter and can't wait to see them in a couple weeks for Nicholas' birthday party:)

Fixing the Falcon with Papa Rick April 7, 2012

We went to visit my family this weekend for Easter. I haven't seen them since the holidays so we were really looking forward to it. The boys love their grandparents. My Dad has been slowly fixing a car that his grandmother used to own. I don't know much about it except that it is a Falcon and my whole childhood I remember it being in our yard/driveway etc. Papa Rick decided to take the boys out to the garage so they could help. The boys got to remove one of the tires and help with various other simple things. I hope this is one of those memories they will remember forever. I feel very blessed that our parents take such an active role in my kids lives. I have lots of memories of visiting my grandparents when I was younger and now that my grandfather is no longer here I wish I could remember more about him. Hopefully my kids will know their grandparents really well and have lots of fun memories in the future that include them.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jake the Easter Bunny!! April 5, 2012

The Easter bunny came to Jake's preschool today. He left Easter baskets for all the kids. They all made pink bunny ears to wear. He is so cute:)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Boys bike riding April 2, 2012

Since the weather has been so nice (a little chilly but overall nice) the boys have been begging to go for bike rides. They both got bikes for their birthdays last year. Nicholas used training wheels all last year but we decided this year it was time to learn how to ride without them. We have a basketball court right down the road with even asphalt for him to practice. He was initially not happy with us for taking the wheels off but when he learned how to balance it and could see that he can ride faster without them, he now loves it. I took them to the court on Monday to get some energy out. They both had a great time. We just need to get Chad a bike and then the 4 of us can go for bikes rides together this summer.

Chad's Birthday April 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Chad!!! We celebrated Chads birthday on Sunday with his family and close friends. It was General Conference weekend which only made it better. We watched the first session at home. We had the party afterwards and then as a family we watched the 2nd session together. It was a great day. Chad got a few things. He needed a new wallet badly! His wallet is over 10 years old and had 1 thread holding it together. We also got him a new white shirt for church. It was so great seeing family and friends for the day. Chad's best friend James came as well. James is 15 days older than Chad. They have been friends since the beginning of time (their time anyway:) Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures except when he was blowing out the candles. Oh well. Happy Birthday. We love you!!