Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jacob's 4th Birthday July 18, 2012

My baby turned 4!!!  When did that happen?? I swear he was just born.  He has really enjoyed Kung Fu Panda lately and decided that he wanted that as his theme for his birthday.  Pretty easy for me.  When Chad was in China he bought each of the boys a stamp that had their name in English and Chinese.  It was perfect for his invitation.  We had his party on July 15 after church.  Jacob is not the type of kid who likes a lot of attention.  Nicholas loves it but not Jake.  So its hard for him being the center of attention at his birthday but he did great.  We made 2 panda cakes.  Lots of family and friends in our tiny house.  He got a lot of new games which is perfect.  On his actual birthday there was a Primary activity at a friends house.  They had a pool party.  I made cupcakes to bring with me and everyone was wishing him a happy birthday.  By this point he was so birthdayed out he would just roll his eyes!  We ordered Chinese food for dinner (his request) and had a relaxing evening.  He was glad his birthday was finally over and the extra attention would finally stop.  Happy Birthday baby boy!!!  We love you!!

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