Tuesday, November 13, 2012

September 2012

September always makes me think of apples.  Maybe because of the town I grew up in had an Apple Festival every year or maybe because of all the apple orchards around town that seemed to be the busiest this month.  I really love September.  It is also the start of a new school year.  Nicholas started 1st grade.  he has a great teacher and a few of the same friends he had in kindergarten.  He really enjoys school and was looking forward to starting again.  Jacob started his Pre K year in preschool.  He does enjoy school but I wouldn't say as much as Nicholas.  He says he can't wait to go on the bus with his big brother.  Not too much longer:(  Jacob had a field trip this month.  We went to an apple orchard and picked apples.  They also had an awesome playground they played on for awhile.  Then on a Saturday we decided to go apple picking as a family (with the boys cousins) so we could make some applesauce.  The boys had fun and Chad and I made a ton of applesauce.  We really like eating homemade applesauce all year around.    

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