Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Visiting China, Kindergarten Graduation, Visiting Grandparents June 2012

June was a busy month.  Chad went on a business trip to China for 3 weeks.  We were sad to see him leave but it was also exciting that he was going to get to experience this whole new place.  He LOVED it!!!  Except for the fact that he missed us, everything else was great.  He loved the sights and the food.  Oh yes, I am STILL hearing about the food.  He gained about 10 lbs. in the time he was there.  He tried everything and loved almost all of it.  He was in a small city called Xi'an.  I say small but it has a population of about 13 million.  Crazy right!?  The city has a wall around it and he got to travel on top of it.  He visiting a temple in the mountains.  He got to go to a hot springs which was very relaxing.  He really enjoyed it and brought home lots of souveniers for all of us.  The 16 hour flight (total of about 30 hours start to finish with layovers) was a lot and the 12 hour time difference was hard.  When we were saying goodnight, he was waking up and when we woke up he was excited to tell us about his day before going to bed.  He will most likely have to go back in a few months for more training and is looking forward to it.  June 19th we officially became parents of a Kindergarten graduate.  It was the sweetest graduation.  I can't believe how much our little boy is growing up.  He LOVED kindergarten and is looking forward to beginning 1st grade in a few weeks.  I hope we get another great teacher.  His kindergarten one was so great and we feel very lucky that he got her.  Jacob finished preschool this month as well.  Since he was in the 3 year old class he doesn't graduate until next year.  They did an end of year party.  Of course he wouldn't sing any of the songs they practiced!  He was looking forward to summer.  They both were.  We decided one weekend to go up and visit with my parents for a few days.  The boys loved swimming in my Dad's pool.  They had a lot of fun visiting my side of the family and took our minds off how much we missed Chad.  We were so excited when he came home. It was a great way to end the month.

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